Milestones Resilience Care
Build Resilience, Recover from Trauma, and Reduce Stress and Burnout

A revolutionary healing experience for individuals recovering from Trauma, Stress, or Burnout


Planned Opening in Summer 2023! 


Milestones Resilience Care is beginning a limited pilot program in the spring of 2023, with an anticipated “open-to-all” start date in the summer of 2023. If you would like more information about Milestones Resilience Care, please email Janet Fritz at jfritz@uccs.edu.


Waiting areas at Milestones Resilience Care -New
Waiting areas at Milestones Resilience Care


What Makes Us Different?

At Milestones Resilience Care, our team of trauma-trained clinicians begins with the underlying knowledge that you have inner strength and the ability to heal with the right guidance and support. At the core of our approach is respect for your inner compass in directing the path and pace of your healing journey. A range of service providers, trained in helping trauma survivors, are available to address different aspects of your journey through the healing process.

Your healing journey is approached from the perspective that recovering from trauma, stress, or burnout is accomplished through the restoration of physical well-being, emotional balance, purpose and meaning, and connectedness with others. Together, these pieces work in synergy to empower individuals to heal through the development of internal resilience.  

There is no “right way” to heal or a prescription for how we know what is right for you. Everyone is different, and the key to your recovery exists within you. Our philosophy is that it is our job to walk beside you on your journey and provide the tools you need to continue making progress along the way. Healing is a dynamic process and progress sometimes comes in stops and starts. We reject the idea that we have all the answers and instead commit to helping you access your inner guide, empowering you to chart your own course to health and well-being. We see you as a complete person, not a set of symptoms that must be eliminated. Before starting on your journey, we will work with you to better understand your inner strength and the fulfillment in your life.

Milestones offers a number of integrated services, providing a team approach to your care. Available services include evidence-based psychotherapy, body or somatic work such as trauma-informed acupuncture, massage, yoga, and physical therapy, creative therapies such as music, writing, painting, and outdoor immersion programs including deep listening, forest therapy (shinrin yoku), and animal-assisted therapy. We also have technology integrated into our approach to help facilitate strength-building and enhance recovery.


Photo of Milestones Entrance
Milestones Resilience Care is located on the 4th floor of the Lane Center at 4863 North Nevada Avenue in Colorado Springs.


Who We Are and Who We Serve

Milestones Resilience Care is operated by the Lyda Hill Institute for Human Resilience and was created to empower healing in individuals who have experienced trauma or are experiencing stress or burnout. Milestones is part of the University of Colorado Colorado Springs but is open to all.   


Milestone Flyer

Download the Milestones tri-fold brochure by clicking on the image below.

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